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Bruce Feagle
Lala Andreas
David Johnson-Stanley

Rhianna Lynn Salgado & Raya Rain Salgado
Bruce Feagle is an award winning filmmaker who combines more than 25 years of experience as a director, cinematographer, editor, musician and composer with strong technical skills and creativity. He is known in the film industry for his knowledge of fast paced developments and new equipment in the digital realm. His excellent communication skills and superior work ethic have earned him a reputation for completing projects with high quality, within budget and on time. Bruce has a wide range of experience in the production of feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. Including “A Tribute to Richard Milanovich”.
Joanna Stark
Joanna Stark has a diverse background as an educator, naturalist, writer, film producer and motivational speaker. She is the recent winner of the Palm Springs Film Alliance Award for Best Original Screenplay for a Short Film. Joanna is a contributing author to the National Land Fund book, Focus on the Wild, and the New York Times and Wall Street Journal national best‐selling books Masters of Success and Masters of Sales. Her latest book is, A Woman of Vision: A True Story of Courage, Determination and Vivid Blindness.
Joanna was the executive producer for the series “Michigan Land and People”, “Mother Nature Naturally” and several in-house plays written and produced to coordinate with museum exhibits. 

 The Malki is a  documentary that is in production. It is the inspiring story of two Native American women,  Jane Pablo Penn and  Katherine Siva Saubel, who founded the Malki Museum on the Morongo Indian Reservation in  Banning, California in 1964.  The film is a cooperative effort between the filmmakers, Cahuilla Indians,  anthropologists, historians, linguists and other  experts who are dedicated to preserving the language and  culture of the Morongo Band of Cahuilla Indians and their Cahuilla  neighbors in the Coachella Valley of  Southern California. 
International Consultant
Renate Toth has a background in public relations, management and human relations. She was born in Germany, raised in Romania and has been a Californian for many years.  She has traveled extensively worldwide and speaks five languages. The Malki Museum has had many international visitors and The Malki documentary has sparked international interest making Renate an essential part of the team.
Renate Toth
More crew information coming soon.....
Director of Music
Ernest Siva is a Native American of Cahuilla and Serrano decent and grew up on the Morango Reservation in Banning, California.

Mr.Siva has both a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the University of Southern California in Music Education and Choral Music and taught classes in American Indian Music and World Arts and Culture at UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles).

He serves as Tribal Historian and Cultural Advisor for the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and on the Board of Directors of the California Indian Store-telling Association.  Mr. Siva is the founder and President of the Dorothy Ramon Learning Center that preserves and shares Southern California Indian history, culture, traditions, and arts. 
 As The Malki  Music Director, Ernest Siva is involved in all aspects of the documentary's musical components. 
Ernest Siva
Paula Andreas is a native of southern California. She is a direct descendent of the Pai’nik tem clan or “People of the Dawn’, who made their home in the beautiful canyons of south Palm Springs, namely “Andreas Canyon” and she is a member of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians also located in Palm Springs, California.

Paula, aka “Lala”, is active within her culture participating in Bird Dances, basket weaving, Cahuilla language classes, and making gourd rattles. She was a lead dancer with the “Cahuilla Bird Singers and Dancers” and also demonstrated “Fancy Shawl” dancing with Tony Purley’s Dance Troupe for schools and at public events. She was the first Cahuilla female to serve as a head dancer at a California Pow-wow and was active in the Indian Education Program with the Palm Springs Unified School District as a positive leader for tribal youth. 

Lala Andreas
She is a volunteer and a board member of the Malki Museum on the Morongo Indian Reservation in Banning, California where she has organized “Bird Dance” events, co-organized the “Annual Kewet”, is assisting in the organization and implementation of a Native American Research Library, and is on the committee for Malki’s Educational Programs. She contributed and advised on the “We Are Birds” documentary, the “Cahuilla Tewanet” project, located in the Santa Rosa Mountains, and is also a contributor, advisor and narrator on the documentary, “The Malki”. Recently, she was elected to serve on the Malki Museum’s Editorial Board and is an active committee member for Agua Caliente’s Cultural Museum Development Committee.
 Director  Ethnohistorian